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ConnectSecure​™​ Launching Powerful New Version of its MSP Cybersecurity Scanning Platform

ConnectSecure  |   Dec 19, 2023

New user interface provides global GRC view of all networked and cloud assets; upgraded compliance scanning includes automated remediation.

December 19, 2023 - Tampa, FL - ConnectSecure, a leader in cybersecurity solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), announced it will launch the much-anticipated Version 4.0 of its flagship cybersecurity scanning platform by the end of the year. This release marks a significant leap in the technology, offering unparalleled efficiency and security management for MSPs globally.

Revolutionizing Cybersecurity with Global GRC View

The cornerstone of Version 4.0 is its innovative shift to a global Governance-Risk-and-Compliance (GRC)-centric view. This groundbreaking feature provides MSPs with a comprehensive, real-time overview of all client assets, both networked and cloud-based, right from the login screen. This enables MSPs to quickly identify and prioritize the most pressing security threats, enhancing their ability to protect client data effectively.

Automated Compliance Remediation: A Game Changer

ConnectSecure's renowned compliance scanning feature has been supercharged with automated remediation capabilities. This paradigm shift in cybersecurity means issues are not just identified; they're automatically fixed, round-the-clock.  

"Our automated remediation is like adding a dedicated, 24/7 cybersecurity team to every MSP's practice," says Peter Bellini, CEO of ConnectSecure. "It's about taking immediate action on vulnerabilities to keep our clients ahead of threats."

Version 4.0: Packed with New Features

ConnectSecure’s latest version includes an array of new functionalities designed to streamline MSP operations, such as:

  • Multi-perspective views including global, company, and asset-category
  • Enhanced problem and solution views for driving operational efficiencies
  • Timeline views for detailed asset history, crucial for compliance and audits
  • Fully customizable reports with versatile data export options
  • A robust new Dashboard Engine
  • Significantly improved scalability
  • Advanced bandwidth optimization through smart compression and incremental sync
  • Exclusive, top-tier support entirely based in the US from the Tampa headquarters

Strategic Pricing for Future-Ready Cybersecurity

With the significant new platform functionality, ConnectSecure is revising its pricing tiers for 2024. Users with less than 1500 devices will continue at current rates, while tiers for larger networks will see a modest increase of $99 per month.  
" While most of our clients will see no change in pricing, this adjustment ensures that ConnectSecure remains at the leading edge of MSP cybersecurity solutions,” notes ConnectSecure President Srikant Sreenivasan.

In addition to the technological advancements and feature enhancements, ConnectSecure is taking a bold step forward under the guidance of Chief Technology Officer Shiva Shankar.  

“Our vision with this release is not just to upgrade our existing capabilities, but to evolve ConnectSecure into a comprehensive, 360-degree Asset Visibility and Security platform,” remarks Shankar. “We are committed to delivering unparalleled value for the price, enabling our platform to serve as a singular, robust solution that can seamlessly replace multiple products in the MSP arsenal.”

This strategic direction aligns with ConnectSecure's mission to streamline cybersecurity management, making it more efficient, effective, and economically viable for MSPs. The company's dedication to enhancing the security posture of MSPs and their clients is evident in this transformative approach and represents a significant step in the evolution of cybersecurity solutions in the MSP space.

About ConnectSecure™

ConnectSecure™, headquartered in Tampa, Florida, and operating in 14 countries, is a global leader in cybersecurity. With a strong focus on meeting the unique needs of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), especially those working with small and midsize businesses, ConnectSecure is committed to delivering tools and solutions that identify and address vulnerabilities, manage compliance, and help MSPs grow their practices. As an employee-owned and MSP-community driven company, ConnectSecure prides itself on its deep understanding of the cybersecurity challenges and opportunities in the MSP sector.

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