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ConnectSecure Featured in Story on Vibrant Tampa Bay Startup Scene

ConnectSecure  |   Oct 26, 2023

Tampa Bay Business Journal names ConnectSecure in a story that features the “biggest players” of Tampa Bay’s quickly growing startup scene.

The article notes, “Arnie Bellini's sale of software firm ConnectWise created an institutional wealth typically reserved for ecosystems much larger than Tampa Bay's. The sale of ConnectWise, which was a reported $1.5 billion, created roughly 70 millionaires in the region. Some of the beneficiaries have gone on to launch their own companies, including ConnectSecure, which also works in the software space.

"My mission is to try and really stoke the fires of technology here in the Tampa Bay area,” Bellini said. “Everything’s here — we proved it with a very successful company. We are way better suited than Silicon Valley now. We have no state income tax. We have every bit of the amenities that they have.”

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