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Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

ConnectSecure Vulnerability Assessment pinpoints security weaknesses your prospects (and clients) didn’t know they had

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Scan for over 230,000+ known CVEs from the NVD: Access comprehensive vulnerability coverage with ConnectSecure's extensive database, ensuring no known threat goes undetected.

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Identify missing operating system patches; validate patching policies: Efficiently spot unpatched vulnerabilities and confirm the effectiveness of your patch management strategies with ConnectSecure's thorough analysis.

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Network vulnerabilities scan: Dive deep into your clients’ network's security, identifying potential weak points and vulnerabilities with ConnectSecure's advanced network scanning capabilities.

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External Scanning (outside-in view): Mimic an attacker's perspective to detect vulnerabilities and secure your network perimeter with ConnectSecure's external scanning feature.

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Attack Surface Mapper (again, an external-looking scan): Get a clear view of your exposed network elements and potential entry points for cyber threats with ConnectSecure's detailed attack surface mapping.

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Built-in reporting for sharing scan results: Communicate your security findings effectively with ConnectSecure's built-in reporting, offering clear, actionable insights to stakeholders.

Value creation begins with a network vulnerability assessment

Watch our comprehensive video tutorial on vulnerability assessments with ConnectSecure. This essential resource for MSPs offers in-depth insights and practical tips to enhance your vulnerability management skills. Learn how to effectively conduct thorough assessments, identify and address critical vulnerabilities, and demonstrate unparalleled value to your clients. Elevate your service offerings and reinforce your position as a trusted cybersecurity expert.
   Assessment Overview

Vulnerability Assessments: Why does it matter?

Vulnerability assessments are crucial for MSPs for several reasons:

Cybersecurity Enhancement

MSPs are responsible for safeguarding their clients’ IT environments. Conducting regular vulnerability assessments allows MSPs to identify and address security weaknesses before they can be exploited by cybercriminals. This proactive approach is essential for maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture.

Client Trust and Confidence

By demonstrating a commitment to identifying and mitigating potential security risks, MSPs can build trust with their clients. Clients are reassured that their MSP is actively working to protect their data and IT infrastructure from emerging cyber threats.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Many industries are subject to strict regulatory standards regarding data security and privacy. Vulnerability assessments help ensure that MSPs and their clients are in compliance with these regulations, thereby avoiding potential legal and financial penalties.

Service Differentiation and Value Addition

Offering vulnerability assessments as part of their service portfolio allows MSPs to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. This service adds value for clients and can be a key decision factor for businesses seeking comprehensive IT solutions.

Efficient Resource Allocation

By identifying the most critical vulnerabilities, MSPs can prioritize their efforts and resources effectively. This prioritization ensures that the most significant risks are addressed first, optimizing the use of time and technical resources.

Business Continuity and Risk Management

Vulnerability assessments help in identifying risks that could lead to severe disruptions in a client’s business operations. By mitigating these risks, MSPs support their clients' business continuity planning and overall risk management strategy.

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Karl Bickmore

CEO | Snap Tech IT
“We're providing better reporting, better data, better planning, and it's helping us win more deals — like significantly more deals — and our sophistication has gone way up.”

Dennis Houseknecht

CTO | WatSec Cyber Risk Management
“There's no all-in-one tool on the market — and I follow the market pretty closely — that has the depth and breadth of ConnectSecure's vulnerability scans, and that's presented in such an actionable way.”
McKaila Posey-1

McKaila Posey

Cybersecurity Services Manager | Entara
“ConnectSecure has transformed our service delivery. Not only has ConnectSecure helped our clients really see the value we bring, but the metrics of our engineers also look fantastic.”
Paul Rouse

Paul Rouse

President and Owner | Rouse Consulting Group
“ConnectSecure really has opened so many additional doors and capabilities to extend our cybersecurity suite of services. It’s made us more efficient in many ways”
Sandeep Kaushal

Sandeep Kaushal

President | TeamLogic IT
“ConnectSecure is a very important tool for us to determine the health of our prospects during onboarding. There’s no impact on performance and we’re able to collect a lot of data. There’s twofold benefit to that — we know what’s going on with their infrastructure and clients know we can provide proof that we’re keeping an eye on things.”

Learn how to win business with cybersecurity vulnerability assessments

Cyberattacks present an existential threat to SMBs. But you can help them thrive. Earn their confidence and build your credibility by leveraging cybersecurity assessments. It’ll be good for your bottom line.

Flag cyber vulnerabilities—and know exactly how to remedy them

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