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Active Threat Management

Active Threat Management

ConnectSecure Active Threat Management puts you one step ahead of cyber criminals

Provide enhanced protection with EPSS (Exploit Prediction Scoring System) against evolving cyber threats through proactive monitoring, detection, and response measures.

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Exploit Prediction Scoring System (EPSS): Prioritize and address security weaknesses based on real-world threat intelligence that assesses the risk of exploitation.

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Vulnerability Scanning: Find potential weaknesses before cyber criminals can exploit them.

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Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure (CVE) Management: Strengthen your security posture by effectively identifying and neutralizing known public vulnerabilities.

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Port Scanning: Ensure the integrity of your network, keep unauthorized access at bay, and secure network perimeters.

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SSL Certificates Checks: Guarantee safe and secure connections, making sure certificates are up to date, valid, and reliable.

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Red Alert Banner: Stay informed about urgent security updates or threats with our red alert banner at the footer of your page, enabling your expedient response to any issues.

How to protect your clients: Leverage ConnectSecure

ConnectSecure’ threat vulnerability management doesn’t only identify vulnerabilities. We also tell you which security weaknesses pose the greatest risk and give you the tools to remediate them. In this hands-on video, learn how to remediate vulnerabilities and become the go-to partner your clients need to thrive amid rising threats.
   Remediation Plans

Threat Vulnerability Management: Why does it matter?

Active threat management is vital for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for several reasons:

Real-Time Threat Detection and Response

Active threat management enables MSPs to detect and respond to threats as they occur in real-time. This immediate response capability is crucial for minimizing the impact of cyber attacks on clients' IT environments

Enhanced Security Posture

By continuously monitoring and managing threats, MSPs can maintain an enhanced security posture for their clients. This proactive approach to security helps in identifying and mitigating potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Client Confidence and Trust

Providing active threat management services helps in building and maintaining trust with clients. Knowing that their MSP is actively monitoring and responding to threats gives clients peace of mind regarding their data security.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Many industries have regulations that require proactive security measures, including active threat management. By offering these services, MSPs ensure that their clients remain compliant with relevant regulations, avoiding potential legal and financial penalties.

Reduction in Downtime and Financial Losses

Effective active threat management can significantly reduce the downtime and financial losses associated with cybersecurity breaches. By quickly identifying and addressing threats, MSPs can prevent or mitigate the damage caused by cyber attacks.

Staying Ahead of Evolving Threats

The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving, with new threats emerging regularly. Active threat management allows MSPs to stay informed about the latest threat trends and adapt their security strategies accordingly.

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McKaila Posey-1

McKaila Posey

Cybersecurity Services Manager | Entara
“ConnectSecure has transformed our service delivery. Not only has ConnectSecure helped our clients really see the value we bring, but the metrics of our engineers also look fantastic.”
Sandeep Kaushal

Sandeep Kaushal

President | TeamLogic IT
“ConnectSecure is a very important tool for us to determine the health of our prospects during onboarding. There’s no impact on performance and we’re able to collect a lot of data. There’s twofold benefit to that — we know what’s going on with their infrastructure and clients know we can provide proof that we’re keeping an eye on things.”
Paul Rouse

Paul Rouse

President and Owner | Rouse Consulting Group
“ConnectSecure really has opened so many additional doors and capabilities to extend our cybersecurity suite of services. It’s made us more efficient in many ways”

Karl Bickmore

CEO | Snap Tech IT
“We're providing better reporting, better data, better planning, and it's helping us win more deals — like significantly more deals — and our sophistication has gone way up.”

Dennis Houseknecht

CTO | WatSec Cyber Risk Management
“There's no all-in-one tool on the market — and I follow the market pretty closely — that has the depth and breadth of ConnectSecure's vulnerability scans, and that's presented in such an actionable way.”

Learn how to win business with cybersecurity vulnerability assessments

Cyberattacks present an existential threat to SMBs. But you can help them thrive. Earn their confidence and build your credibility by leveraging cybersecurity assessments. It’ll be good for your bottom line.

Flag cyber vulnerabilities—and know exactly how to remedy them

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